Vol. 38 No. 1 (2023)

Editorial: Publishing in an Academic Journal

Michelle Harrison
Thompson Rivers University

Published 2023-09-08

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Janes, D., & Harrison, M. (2023). Editorial: Publishing in an Academic Journal. International Journal of E-Learning & Distance Education Revue Internationale Du E-Learning Et La Formation à Distance, 38(1). Retrieved from https://www.ijede.ca/index.php/jde/article/view/1302


For the past year, we have, as co-editors, spoken about how to mentor and coach new and experienced academics on the best and most efficient way to publish their research and ideas, both with us and with others if their work is not a good fit for IJEDE.  In doing this reflection we have talked to other editors, colleagues who have lots of publishing experience, and of course, our editorial board. We also found this wonderful piece by our colleague, Dr. Michele Jacobsen, University of Calgary. In 2006 she was the editor of our sister journal, the Canadian Journal of Learning and Teaching (CJLT). 

Once we read what she had written, we realized her words from almost 20 years ago remain current today for the academic writer, even if the delivery of that work – paper journals vs digital content – had changed in the intervening time.  So, we reached out to Dr. Jacobsen and she graciously gave us permission to use the core of her words (adjusted to fit our journal and our way of doing the editorial process) to describe to a new writer to IJEDE, how the process works, what parts of the process can you have control over, and how we work as a team to ensure your work reaches a wide audience, as part of your research dissemination. 

Below you will find our version of the 2006 CJLT editorial.  Please read it carefully as that will help you format and frame your work toward the best possible outcome – to be published.