Published November 2, 2020

Issue Description

This special issue features twelve articles about the use of digital technology in Canadian teacher education programs. The authors of these research studies are members of the Technology and Teacher Education (TATE) special interest group of the Canadian Association of Teacher Education (CATE).


Special Issue

Michelle Hagerman, Pamela Beach, Megan Cotnam-Kappel, Cristyne Hébert
Jennifer Lock, David Gill, Thomas Kennedy, Stephanie Piper, Alwyn Powell
Dr. Barbara Brown, Dr. Christy Thomas
Norman Vaughan, Jessica Lee Wah
Luis Santos, Richard Reeve
Robin Kay, Robyn Ruttenberg-Rozen
Rachel St. Hilaire, Tiffany Gallagher
Isha DeCoito
Sara Shahbazi
Kimberley Mackinnon, Alexandra Makos, Lesley Wilton, Clare Brett, Taru Malhotra, Teresa Avery, Preeti Raman
Teresa Avery, Dr. Alexandra Makos, Wafa Sarguroh, Preeti Raman, Dr. Clare Brett, Dr. Jim Hewitt
Preeti Raman, Teresa Avery, Clare Brett, Jim Hewitt
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